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“I bought a Hydrogen Generator for my Ford F350 and now get 11 MPG while pulling a large load.
Before, the best I could do was 8 MPG. When the generator isn’t running, I have a significant power loss. I’ve driven 3,000 miles since installing the generator with no problems.”

“My Dodge Quad Cab with a 4.5 liter engine, only got about 14 MPG in the city and after putting in
one of NVI”s Hydrogen Generators, the mileage went up to 17.5 MPG. Also, on the road, I can
drive 70 miles per hour and get 20 MPG. The unit only uses a couple of cups of water
every 300 miles and my truck has a huge power increase when the generator is turned on.”

“I’m getting a 20 percent improvement in gas mileage on my 1996 Lexus V-8 and it runs like its brand new.”

“My 1999 Kia drives like a sport car and even idles smoothly, since I got the Hydrogen Generator. The mileage improved from 22 MPG in the city to 30 MPG using water. I love driving my car again, it’s not tired anymore.”

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