How is it possible that my present engine will power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR® and get improve gas mileage?

Your internal combustion engine's efficiency will be dramatically improved with the introduction of HYDROGEN gas. The engine alternator keeps turning whether or not the engine and battery use all of the electricity it produces. Energy is wasted constantly turning the alternator that is captured to power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR® which, in turn, produces HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN GASES used to improve combustion. The way modern engines work, powering the HYDROGEN GENERATOR® is basically free.

Can HYDROGEN GENERATORS harm my vehicle(s)?

The proof is in the technology. As long as no harsh chemicals are added to Generator units, water is the only result from the process of internal combustion. This water is expelled in a vehicle's engine exhaust as harmless steam. Users are cautioned not to add lye or any other harmful electrolytic substances to Generators - that's why only only specific water is recommended.

Why is a HYDROGEN GENERATOR a good investment?

This is a good investment because the HYDROGEN GENERATOR® will pay for itself by saving you money on fuel. On average you will save 30% on gas consumption. So you will save $1.00 per gallon if fuel is $3.30 per gallon.

The HYDROGEN GENERATOR® is also tax deductible. Please go to the link below to find out more information.

Go to http://www.irs.gov/publications/p535/ch12.html#d0e10094

Why buy from Green Future Technologies?

We have the best hydrogen generators available.  The GFT Hydrogen Generators® contains an all stainless steel apparatus which creates far more hydrogen and oxygen than products that appear to be similar.  The output is 2-3 liters per minute of hydrogen at 12v and 10 amps with 0 vacuum.  Other units may look like ours, but their science uses plates, coils, or just a negative and positive rod in a container that puts a charge through the water, like a kid’s science experiment.  They require using distilled water and an electrolyte solution such as lye to create electrolysis.  With these products energy in must equal energy out, so they just don’t work.  Don’t be fooled into buying a cheaper product.  You get what you pay for!  The GFT Hydrogen Generators® are built to the highest standards in Livermore, California.  

Why do you recommend AQUAFINA water?

After the initial filling with 4 oz. SAN PELEGRINO and AQUAFINA, you will only need to keep topping up with AQUAFINA water. The minerals from the water in the initial fill-up are not burned off, but stay in the unit and conduct electricity. Add additional SAN PELEGRINO water only if the gauge says the unit is running at less than 4 amps or your desired target output range.

How many amps should my Hydrogen Generator draw? My unit has blown a fuse.

Your unit should draw under 12 amps (unless you are using the 6.9 Liter generator), that's the design parameter and the top operating amp level you should allow.  For many vehicles less is more, or 4 amps to 7 amps.   If your unit is blowing fuses, it probably means you have too much mineral content.  If this occurs, drain the unit immediately. Fill with pure AQUAFINA water only.  If the problem has been left unchecked then flush unit, fill with distilled water, run engine for 10 minutes, drain and fill with pure AQUAFINA water only.  In extreme cases repeat the procedure twice.

Why can't I add chemicals to a Generator that will make it produce more hydrogen?

Adding lye, soda, vinegar or other electrolytic substances will void the warranty, eventually destroy the unit and may even harm your engine. The unit is designed to use water with a low mineral content - we recommend following our directions carefully and filling with AQUAFINA water.

Is HYDROGEN a safe fuel for my car?

It's absolutely safe and HYDROGEN is not as dangerous as gasoline. In the HYDROGEN GENERATOR® fuel is stored as water and produced continually as it is drawn in and burned by the engine.   There is no high pressure hydrogen storage fuel tank that could rupture or explode during a collision.

It seems like the Generator takes a long time to use up a liter of water. Why is that?

Water is actually an extremely concentrated form of hydrogen and oxygen gases. A liter of water at sea level will produce an enormous amount of both gases when the two are separated by electrolysis. Don't worry, using GFT technology, a small amount of water can produce lots of gas.

Does a Generator need to be protected from freezing during the winter?

Absolutely! A Generator should have a 20% denatured alcohol solution in order to keep it healthy during freezing weather. See the "Installation" page of this Web site for more details.

My car doesn't have any space under the hood. How can I install a HYDROGEN GENERATOR® in my car?

There is always some place a unit can be installed. For instance, the Ford Focus has no room under the hood, either, but a unit can be (and has been) installed outside of and below the engine compartment, in front of the right wheel well. The unit is 14" x 5" in size so sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to find the best location.

If I install a HYDROGEN GENERATOR® will it void the warranty on my car?

No! The addition of a HYDROGEN GENERATOR® should be treated like any other after-market add-on that actually reduces harmful emissions. But, obviously, we cannot speak for all manufactures and if you think this might be an issue, we recommend you check with the company that provides your vehicle warranty.

Can fleet owners purchase HYDROGEN GENERATORS a discount price?

Yes. Depending upon the number of units purchased, production economies of scale can reduce the cost per unit. Fleet owners are encouraged to call our office (see the "Contact Us" Web page).

How can I become a Distributor?

After purchasing a unit for yourself and keeping statistics to see for yourself how well our product works, you are welcome to apply for a Distributorship.

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