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Green Future Technology's Goal:
• To support a healthy environment
• To provide a low cost alternative to expensive fossil fuels

Green Future Technology is committed to a cleaner, healthier world for our children and all
life on this planet.  We are offering a product that is unique in that it addresses the biggest pollution problem facing humanity.  That is the problem of the internal combustion engine.  While it’s wonderful that there are new vehicles being built that will be super efficient and non-polluting, what about the millions of existing gas-guzzling engines that are still being built or that won’t be replaced for many, many years.  GFT is addressing this problem with the water fueled, Hydrogen Generator®.  With savings on fuel, better performance and low cost, we hope to get these in every vehicle out there and cut emissions worldwide by 30% to 50%. 

The GFT Hydrogen Generator® is produced in California. 

About the Inventors
Inventor David Jewell insists this is “A device whose time has come.” The Hydrogen Generator® produces what scientists refer to as “brown gas,” a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, made from plain old H2O using electrolysis.

Inventor Matt Schadeck, has made the electrolysis process in the Hydrogen Generator® ultra efficient. “No one is doing electrolysis like we do it and our generator produces gases like you wouldn’t believe,” Schadeck said. He and David Jewell are working with CAARB, The California Air Resources Board to obtain a variance for the use of this device.  Hydrogen Generators® have been installed in a variety of vehicles from passenger cars, pickups and transport trucks to boats and agricultural pumps.

“It’s just insane that we are hung up on environment-killing oil company products when there are millions of cubic kilometers of non-polluting fuel everywhere around us,” Jewell said, “Water is the perfect energy source that just needs a little electricity to break it down into its constituent gases. We separate those gases and direct them into the intake system of combustion engines - truck, bus, car, you name it, where they combine again to produce energy.” As one may recall from elementary school, hydrogen and oxygen can be mixed harmlessly in a balloon. The gases can then be reconstituted into water using a spark or flame, producing energy with a deafening bang. Unlike carbon-based fuels, there is absolutely no pollution created when the two gases unite.

Jewell said the Hydrogen Generator® is an add-on that supplements normal fuel, making any engine more efficient, improving power, increasing mileage and reducing toxic pollution. “The amount of improvement will vary depending upon engine displacement and other factors.” “Anyone using this device can expect a dramatic improvement they canít get even close to using any other product or additive.”   David Jewell Inventor

Purchase the Hydrogen Generator® today, for as low as $1,195 Ė you can save money improve performance and lower emissions

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